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7 Tricks to Reduce Your Heating Costs

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Another winter in the North Country is upon us, and with that comes steep heating expenses. Continue reading to learn 7 tricks that will help you warm up your home on a budget, and reduce your heating costs this year!



Lower your thermostat. By turning it down just a few degrees, there won’t be a noticeable temperature difference, but it can potentially shave 5 to 10 percent off your heating bill. Even if you only turn your thermostat down at night, the savings will add up.




Wear socks. If your feet are cold, chances are your entire body will also feel cold. Wearing socks and warmer clothing around the house will help you become acquainted with a lower room temperature – lowering your monthly bill and boosting your savings!




Close curtains and blinds at night. This will help to keep the cold out during those cold winter nights. By leaving them open throughout the day, this will allow the sun to warm the room naturally!



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Call for routine maintenance. It’s important to keep up with necessary checkups and maintenance on your home’s heating system. Most electric and oil heaters should get professional attention at least once a year, and gas heaters every other year. It’s also important to clean out the filters in your heating system to make sure they’re clear. Dirty filters affect the efficiency of the heating system, which will lead to higher heating costs!




Insulate your windows with plastic. By doing so, you’re helping to keep out the bitter cold breeze, and lock in the warm air. Click here for more window insulation tips!




Cover your drains. Have you ever noticed a wave of cold air coming through your drains in the middle of winter? Keep out these drafts by purchasing drain covers! They are inexpensive and will help to keep out the cold air that brings your heating costs through the roof.




Close-off rooms that you don’t use. Instead of allowing heat to escape into these unused rooms, simply close the heating vent(s) in the room, and also the door. You should always make sure that only the necessary parts of your home are being heated.



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