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Four Small Expenses Hurting Your Budget

If you have been trying to save but it’s not working, or you have a hard time sticking to your budget, there may be a few things you need to change. Here are four small expenses that could be draining your accounts without you realizing it.

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Four Ways to Save on Wedding Costs

Are you planning to tie the knot, or know someone who is? We’ve gathered four easy ways to save money on wedding expenses…continue reading to learn more!

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6 Ways to Keep Your Finances Intact this Holiday Season

We all know how expensive the holidays can be. There are presents to buy, ingredients to find, and donations to make. We’ve put together six tips to help keep your finances intact this holiday season…continue reading to learn more!

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Five Ways to Cover Unexpected Medical Expenses

medical expenses

An unexpected surgery, outpatient procedure, or ER visit may come with unforeseen medical expenses. But how do you deal with a surprise medical bill you didn’t see coming? Continue reading for five ways to help you cover these costs.

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