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3 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter can be tough on your vehicle and your wallet. It’s important to make sure you’re safe, and it helps if you can save a bit too. Here are a few winter tips for your vehicle.

How’s your battery? Getting your vehicle’s battery checked could prevent you from having an unwanted expense in the middle of winter. As the temperatures get lower and lower, so does the power in your vehicle’s battery. Testing it early on will save you from having to replace it unexpectedly.

Add the right wiper fluid. Your battery isn’t the only thing that’s affected by the freezing temperatures. Your windshield wiper fluid can freeze, too! Using a wiper fluid that has been rated for freezing temperatures will help if you need to clear your view in bad conditions.

If it’s cold outside you want to be warm inside. Whether you want to defrost your windshield or have a pleasant drive to work, you need heat. Get your vehicle’s HVAC system checked out before those frigid temps arrive. If there is a problem with the coolant, filter, or cables you’re going to be glad you didn’t wait.

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