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3 Money Mistakes You Might Be Making at the Gas Station


Are you making these money mistakes each time you visit the gas station? Continue reading to learn three ways you might be wasting money, and how to correct it!


Grabbing a drink. Stopping at a gas station for a beverage is a major money waster, as you are paying extra for items you can get cheaper elsewhere, only for the convenience. Picking up a bottle of water or soda every now and then might seem harmless…but it is much more cost effective to buy the 12 or 24 packs at your local grocery store, and keep a few handy in your vehicle.

premium gas.jpg

Buying premium gas. Almost always, premium gas is only recommended for expensive, high-performing vehicles. Most likely, you’re better off saving your money. Many drivers are making this costly mistake, though. According to a 2018 AAA report, Americans collectively waste over $2.1 billion each year on high-octane gas, even though it isn’t required or even recommended for their vehicle! When in doubt, refer to your driver’s manual.


You’re not getting cash back for your purchase. Are you using your SeaComm VISA Platinum when you pay for your gas? If not…you’re missing out! Your SeaComm VISA allows you to earn points with every card purchase! Earn one point for each $1 you charge on your SeaComm VISA Platinum, and use your points to purchase airline and travel services, quality merchandise, or redeem your points for cash back! Click here to learn more or give us a call at (800) 764-0566 to apply.

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