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How to Save Money on Extracurricular Activities for Your Children


Extracurricular activities are important for a child’s social and physical development. While they can help children learn to enjoy exercise, they can also empty your wallet! Continue reading to uncover four helpful tips to save money on your child’s after-school fun…


Register early. Many sports programs will offer you a discount of up to 30% if you pre-register your children. Some sports leagues may even offer a 10% discount if the first month’s payment is sent in a few weeks before the season actually begins…or if the fees are paid in full rather than on a monthly schedule.



Apply for scholarships. Some expensive sports will offer scholarships to a few students, each season. Be sure to ask the coach or program director if any scholarships are available. The organization may even waive the fee or offer you a discounted rate!


Try community center sports. If your child is young and new to a sport, you may also consider enrolling them in classes offered by your local community center or YMCA. These types of classes are usually free or very inexpensive, and typically run from two to four months. This is plenty of time for your child to experience the activity and decide if he or she wants to commit!


Buy from secondhand stores or garage sales. Discount stores will sell new and used sports equipment at an unbeatable price! Kids grow quickly (and lose interest fast,) so why invest a large amount of money in something that might be discarded next year? When you’re bargain hunting, be on the lookout for sports-gear including; football thigh and knee pads, baseball bats and gloves, golf clubs, skis and ski boots.

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