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Three Creative Ways to Reuse Fallen Leaves


Now that summer is coming to an end, fall is approaching (and so are the piles of leaves!) Here are a few great ways you can efficiently recycle the fallen leaves, to your advantage.


Create mulch. Mulch is an organic layer of material that is placed on top of the soil. It serves as a coating of nutrients, helping the soil to retain moisture and control weeds! Simply shred your fallen leaves, and use as mulch around delicate plants, like hydrangeas and roses (which are sensitive to frost.) Additionally, you can add mulch to your vegetable garden in the winter to help insulate it from the freezing cold air.


Build compost. Composting leaves is a great way to promote nutrient rich soil. First, take your shredded leaves and mix them with grass clippings, dead leaves, and food waste (this will enable you to speed up the time it takes to decompose.) Then, you’ll need a container to hold the mixture in and keep it moist throughout the year. You should turn your compost every 4-5 weeks, and add moisture if needed. When finished, your compost should be dark in color, dry and crumbly in texture, and smell earthy…then it is ready to use in your flower and vegetable beds! Click here for more composting tips from the NYC Compost Project.


Get crafty. If you have children, this is the perfect way to recycle your fallen leaves! Simply take dry leaves and press them in a book, create leaf coasters, use them as autumn place cards, or even design your own autumn wreath! Click here for more fall leaf craft ideas.

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