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6 Cheap and Easy Ways to Decorate a Dorm Room


It’s almost back-to-school time for college students! Whether you have a college student in your life or you’re a student yourself, you’ll find these six budget-friendly décor tips helpful!

potted plants.jpg

Use potted plants to add a bit of nature. Dorm rooms can feel sterile and boring…so bring in new life with a few plants! It’s also a good idea to choose self-sufficient (hard-to-kill) plants, that don’t demand constant maintenance. Learn how to cultivate your own indoor garden (on a budget) here.


throw rug.jpg

Pick up inexpensive rugs at your local dollar store. Why pay $20+ for something when there’s a good chance it will acquire stains and rips? Visit your local discount store and pick up a few throw rugs. When they are no longer in the best shape, you won’t feel bad about throwing them away!



Go with a “bed in a bag” for a great deal. Instead of purchasing a comforter, sheets, and pillow cases separately…purchase an entire set at a discounted price! Be sure to price check furniture, and look for coupon codes and sales on bedding and other dorm room essentials.



Put up shelves for extra storage. Instead of spending more money on dressers and furniture pieces…just use shelves for additional storage! Not only do they take up less space, but you can always find an inexpensive shelving unit at your local department store. Be sure to check local garage sales for shelves that can be purchased for next to nothing!



Split the costs with a roommate. There’s a good chance that college students the same age have similar décor preferences. Splitting the cost of bigger decorative pieces allows you to save money, and makes creating a fun layout much more manageable on a tight budget!


framed photos.jpg

Use photos as a space filler. While trinkets and other knick-knacks look fun and appealing…they can be costly. Instead, print out photos of friends and family at your local pharmacy or photo center. With an inexpensive but stylish frame, these photographed memories can spruce up the dullest of rooms.

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