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4 Tips for Discussing Finances with Your Partner

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Talking with your partner about money may not be at the top of your to-do list, but it’s necessary for your relationship. Continue reading to discover four ways you can foster a healthy financial arrangement with the one you love!



Don’t make it a big deal. You shouldn’t wait until you’re distraught about a large purchase your partner made to bring up finances. The most efficient way to discuss money with your loved one is to talk about it on a regular basis. While money is a big part of life, it’s not a big deal until you make it a big deal.



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Honesty is the best policy. You may not think that a large impulse purchase or betting $200 at the casino behind your partner’s back is “cheating,” but hiding these transactions could cause damage to your relationship. Financial infidelity is a real problem, but it can be prevented with complete honesty. You should both agree to always tell the truth.




Talk through your mistakes. Your partner may overspend on their portion of the budget…but don’t assign blame when this occurs. Instead, you should find ways to prevent it from happening again. For example, did your partner overspend this past month because of an unexpected financial setback? Add money to your “emergency fund” to prevent future problems. Arguing won’t get you anywhere…instead, be proactive!

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Agree to disagree. Everyone values money differently. But the more you sort out your financial differences with your partner, the less likely you’ll be to resent your loved one for making a financial decision you may not agree with.

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