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5 Frugal Things I’ve Done Lately

frugal.jpgHere are 5 frugal things I’ve done lately, with hopes of inspiring you to do the same!

butternut squash soup.jpg

1 – Instead of going out for dinner, I opted for this easy Butternut Squash Soup recipe. Not only were the ingredients incredibly cheap, but the recipe made more than enough, so I was even able to bring it for lunch the next day.


2 – I skipped the Oktoberfests and took a hike. While it’s hard to beat the excitement of our region’s Oktoberfest’s, I decided to go on a relaxing hike, instead. I skipped the expenses for drinks, food, and admission, and traded it in for some free Adirondack foliage.


3 – I took up couponing. While I don’t necessarily see myself becoming an avid couponer, I will admit that it is worth the effort. I read this beginners guide to couponing and was able to absorb some helpful tips for combatting those rising food prices.

fall harvest.jpg

4 – I began to harvest my garden, and got a few delicious meals out of it! Earlier in the summer, I mentioned that I was going to plant a cost-effective garden. As of now I have been able to enjoy butternut squash, summer squash, grape tomatoes, zucchini and chamomile. Opting for garden fresh food instead of a restaurant meal has certainly helped out my wallet.


5 – I scored free tickets to a college hockey game. This unexpected prize allowed me to enjoy my Saturday night for free! (with the exception of the $2.25 I spent on a chocolate chip cookie at the concession stand)

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