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How to Cut Your Monthly Grocery Bill in Half

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I always cringe when I look at my grocery store receipts. How does it add up so much? If half a cart can add up to over $100, I don’t even want to know the cost of a full cart of items. So I’ve researched some effective ways to significantly cut grocery costs, here’s what I’ve found.


Shop less often. If you’re like me, you might make a grocery list and forget it at home, or even forget to look at it while shopping. Stick to the list, make sure everything on the list is necessary, and vow to not return to the grocery until you absolutely need to. It’s quite simple; the less time you spend in the grocery store, the less money you’ll spend.


Pay with cash. Opting for cash-only purchases will force you to stick to your budget. There have been numerous occasions when I anticipated on spending a certain amount of money, but swiped my card and inadvertently spent nearly double. Giving yourself a cash allowance will eradicate any chances of blowing your budget.


Always pull up the calculator app on your phone. When you shop with a calculator, you are more aware of how much each item adds to your grocery bill. Maybe you’ll even think twice about adding that junk food to the cart.


Shop the perimeter of the store. Most grocery stores have a similar layout – produce, dairy and meat on the outside perimeter of the store, while the snacks, canned goods and other junk food items are located in the middle of the store. Sticking to the outside will not only help to control your budget, but it also ensures healthier eating for your entire household.

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Go generic whenever possible. While there are some things that truly taste better as a name brand, you’ll find that most generic goods are comparable to their name brand counterparts. The only way you know that you’ll enjoy something is to try it – so instead of purchasing the same name brand yogurt, give the cheap stuff a try.


Less meat, more veggies. This is one of the simplest ways to cut your grocery expenses (and even help out your diet.) Try substituting beans and other veggies for meat in your recipes, and you’ll certainly notice a trimmed grocery bill. Have you tried going meatless once a week?

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