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5 Things You Pay For, but Don’t Need To


Most people spend money on things they could get for free. Continue reading for 5 easy ways you can save money right now.


Books. Recent studies have shown that avid readers purchase and read an average of 12 books per year. This can equate to over $250! Even if you’re not a devoted reader, you’ll likely spend money on manuals, comics, catalogs, or textbooks. Sidestep these costs by visiting your local library, and signing out reading materials for free!

bottled water.jpg

Bottled water. Some people purchase one case of water each week. This can amount to over $200 per year! Avoid this cost by investing in a water filter for your faucet. You’ll not only save money, but also decrease your household use of plastic.


Pets. Instead of forking out hundreds of dollars for a purebred dog (or cat), make the decision to rescue one, instead! You’ll save a significant amount of money, and also become a hero to your new furry friend.


Magazines. There’s no reason for you to be paying for many of your favorite magazines. Instead of wasting almost $100 on your annual subscriptions, simply browse through free online blogs and websites that contain your articles of interest.

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Checking Account fees. Why should you pay for something you’re entitled to? One of the best-kept secrets in the North Country is SeaComm’s FREE checking account. SeaComm does not charge you a monthly fee, you can write as many checks as you like, and there are no per item charges. Click here to start your online account application!

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