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How to Reach Your Holiday Savings Goal

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It may seem crazy to start thinking about the holidays in the first days of summer, however, it’s always best to be prepared when it comes to personal spending. Here are 4 simple tips to help prepare you for the 2018 holiday season!


Open a Christmas Club account with SeaComm. The goal of a club account is to keep your money locked away until you need it. You can start your club account with only $5 as an opening deposit – and even earn dividends just like regular savings. The funds you’ve saved in your club account aren’t restricted to gifts – you can also use them to cover the cost of your family’s holiday meal, charitable donations, or even a wintertime getaway! Click here to learn more.


Transfer a little each week. Saving up a little at a time instead of large chunks all at once will be easier on your wallet. Once you’ve figured out your amount to save, divide it by the number of weeks (or months) you have left and set up an automatic transfer with a Financial Service Representative at SeaComm. To get started, call 800-764-0566 or visit any of SeaComm’s 6 branch locations!


Plan ahead as soon as possible. The best way to save is to plan ahead as soon as you can. Don’t feel tempted to wait until November or December to start purchasing gifts – if you see a specific gift or item that is on sale, it’s better to purchase it now instead of later. Give yourself plenty of time to shop around for a great deal, and make gift purchases here and there over the span of a few months.


Review last year’s expenditures. If you don’t keep your receipts, come up with a rough estimate of what you think you’ve spent on holiday gifts in the last year. This can provide you with a ballpark figure on costs for the upcoming holidays, so you can set some realistic savings goals.

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