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Five Things to Clean in Your Washer Besides Clothes

Your laundry isn’t the only thing that can go into the washing machine. Here are a few household items you can throw in the washer instead of the garbage.

Pet Beds

If your furry friend has a cushion or their own bed they sleep on, it can get dirty and smell awful. Most cat or dog beds can be cleaned in the washing machine. It is recommended to wash any pet furniture with natural detergent because of their sensitive skin and at the highest temperature to kill any germs. If the pet bed has a removable cover, just wash that. Larger beds can be taken to a laundromat if they can’t fit in your machine.

Canvas Grocery Bags

Many people are bringing their own grocery bags to the supermarket. Sometimes things can leak or spill inside the bag. Depending on what makes a mess, you might be tempted to throw the bag away. Instead, you can save money and toss the bag in your washing machine. Turn the bag inside out, and wash on hot. Then just throw it in the dryer and it will be clean and good as new.

Shower Curtains and Bath Mats

With the constant exposure to moisture and changing temperatures, shower curtains and bath mats can build up mold or stains. You could just throw them away and buy new ones, but why spend money when you don’t have to? Wash curtains and bath mats in a warm water cycle. If you make a habit of washing them, they will last longer and smell great!  

Stuffed Animals

Children aren’t known for being the cleanest, which means their toys can get just as dirty as they do. If they have a favorite stuffed animal, it might get covered in mud, paint, or spills during a meal. Using your machine’s gentle cycle, you can clean those stuffed animals, and have them ready just in time for bed.

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps encounter a lot of sweat, especially if you wear one while working outside, exercising, or playing sports. Most baseball caps can handle a machine wash, but check the label first. Some lesser quality caps will fall apart in a washing machine, but a majority will hold up and look great afterwards.

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