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Four Reasons to Support Small Businesses

May is Small Business Month. A vast majority of the businesses in the country are small to mid-sized. They are vital to America’s economy and, important to support. Here are a few reasons you should be showing some love to small businesses.

Community Support

When you purchase something at a small business, your money isn’t just going into that business, but into the community as a whole. Local business owners tend to support each other, so when you help one small business in the community grow, you’re helping others as well. Businesses will use each other’s services, like a local contractor working with the town hardware store and wood supplier, or restaurants working with farmers and butchers. A community of small businesses thrive when they all do well.

Customer Service

Big chain stores aren’t necessarily focused on customer service, no matter what their slogans say. Small businesses are dependent on the relationships they forge with regulars, and the community as a whole, so it is important to have great customer service. A great small business will take care of you, and make you feel at home, and comfortable. They will listen to your concerns and needs, and will give you the personal service you might not find at larger stores. Small businesses truly care about their patrons.

Unique Products

If you’re looking for something different or customized, look in a local shop. Small business owners don’t have to follow a mold set by upper management or a board of directors. They create the products they want. This can be functional art and furniture by a local artisan, or a new food or drink created by a restaurant in town. Small businesses continue to improvise and adapt, especially when there are larger stores competing for customers. Help support their innovation.

Job Creation

Small businesses boost the local economy because they provide a people a place to work, where they earn money, and then spend it back in to the community. As small businesses grow they provide more and more jobs. Nearly half of the nation’s workforce is employed by a small business. By providing employment, they also allow their workers to have lives of their own, buy a house, start a family, and become happy and productive members of the community. Your support of small businesses can help everyone.

As a credit union, we believe in supporting small businesses, non-profit organizations, and uplifting our communities through donations and acts of kindness. Click here to learn about our most recent contributions!


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