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The Four Gift Rule

If you haven’t already started your holiday shopping, you’ve probably thought about it, and how much it will stress you out. Don’t worry, follow the “four gift rule” and save the headaches this season.

Something They Want

This one is great if you’re buying for your children. Make their holiday special and get them one thing you know they want. Maybe they saw it in a commercial or picked it out in a catalog. Save money by using a coupon or finding a sale. Sometimes children make lists, so pick out the gift that fits your budget and watch them smile when they open it.

Something They Need

Finding something useful is always a great gift for the holidays. Think about who is on your list and find something you know they need. It can be a pair of boots or gloves for winter, or a gift card to their favorite grocery store, or retail shop.

Something to Wear

Apparel is something you can get creative with and customize to whoever you’re giving to. Shirts or jewelry are a hit during the holidays. If you have family or friends who love hats, get one that you know they’ll enjoy wearing. If you’ve gone under budget for your other gifts, this is where spending a little more can make for a spectacular holiday surprise.

Something to Read

Whether it’s paperback, hardcover, or digital, a book is a great gift. Get someone a memoir from their favorite celebrity. There are so many to choose from. If you want to get your children more into reading, find a book based on their favorite TV show or movie to get them interested, especially if they enjoy all the media based on comic books.

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