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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a little over a week away, so if you haven’t gotten the dads in your life anything yet, don’t worry. Here are a few ideas while there’s still time.

Beard Kit

Is your dad proud of his facial hair? Many men take great care of their appearance, especially beards, so a grooming kit would make a great gift. A beard kit typically includes brushes, oils, and some kind of shampoo or conditioner, so he’ll have everything he needs to care for his beard. You can get a good quality beard kit without spending a lot of money, click here for examples.

Joke Book

If there is one thing that reminds people of their fathers, its dad jokes. Find a joke book for a fun Father’s Day gift. He’s going to enjoy it, and he’ll definitely use it, probably that day. Dads love to fill their arsenal with jokes so bad, they’re great! Expect calls, cards, and messages with the humor you so graciously gifted him on Father’s Day.

Grilling Utensils

Dads can be pretty particular about the grills they use, but they all need the tools to cook with. Grilling utensil sets make a useful gift for Father’s Day. Tongs, spatulas, and brushes are all necessary tools for someone who loves to grill. You can even find sets that include aprons, so while you dad is cooking up a feast, he’ll look good doing it too.

Custom Mug

Mugs make great gifts for any occasion because of all the things you can do to customize them. Put a family picture, or his favorite quote on the side. If he has a good sense of humor, you can even get a mug with a joke he’d appreciate. Your dad will look at that mug each time he uses it, and remember the special Father’s Day he received it.

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