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Decorating Dorm Rooms on a Budget

Education is expensive, but making your dorm room look the way you want shouldn’t be. Whether you’re decorating your room, or helping your child decorate theirs, here are some tips to keep it cool without going over budget.

Make a Budget

Before you start looking for things to buy, figure out what you want. Make a list of everything you need, like furniture, accessories, and anything you’d like to see in your room. See how much things are going to cost and then you can start to adjust. Budgeting will help you avoid overspending. If anything costs too much, maybe you should leave it off your list for now.

Repurpose Items

Take a look at what you have at home and bring it to the dorm. Old t-shirts or curtains can be hung on the wall for decorations. Bottles or mugs can be useful to hold pens and pencils. Large boxes or containers can be painted or drawn on, then used for storage or tables. You can make them look how you want and add some personal flare. These things won’t cost anything and the reminder of home is another benefit of taking them to school.

Student Discounts

There are all sorts of student discounts and coupons online or in store. Check out local publications or social media to find them. You can do a search for coupons and discounts as well. Search for brands or stores you like to shop at and see if any are available. Asking is always a good way to find out too, because sometimes discounts aren’t published online.

Search Thrift Shops

Finding used decorations is another way to save a lot of money. Thrift shops will have a wide variety of items where you can shop by your taste. You would be amazed at the things you’ll find going through second hand stores. Just because they’re used doesn’t mean they’re bad, and finding something truly unique could make a dorm room feel very cool.

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