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What to Buy and What to Skip in February

If you’re looking for some bargains this month or maybe you have some gifts to buy, here is a list of what to buy and what to skip in February.

Buy: Home Entertainment

Whether it’s a big screen TV for the super bowl or an audio setup to go with your current television, the first few months of the year are great times to bulk up your home entertainment system. Retail stores will continue discounts from last month going through Presidents Day. If you’ve had your eye on a specific TV or you want to equip another room in your house, February is the time.

Skip: Other Electronics

You won’t find the same deals on computers and game consoles that you will on televisions and audio. Those products are much less expensive at the end of the year with Black Friday sales. Some retailers even have end of summer/back to school deals on electronics too.

Buy: Chocolate

Once Valentine’s Day passes the price of chocolate will drop fast. Clearance sales allow you to purchase chocolate for a lot less as retailers try and clear space. So if you happen to be a chocoholic, wait until after February 14 and stock up!

Skip: Flowers

They may be a popular gift for Valentine’s Day, but flowers can get very expensive. The closer the holiday gets the higher the cost, both in store and shipping. Try a less expensive option that could be more meaningful. A personalized or homemade gift can be very romantic and will keep the cash in your wallet.

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