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Inexpensive Hacks for Household Pests

Trying to get rid of pests around the house can be difficult. Spending money on traps that don’t work is frustrating, so here are four effective and inexpensive ways to get rid of pests.

Vinegar Spray

Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and you’ve got a quick deterrent for bugs. Spray it around your windows, doors, and anywhere bugs could come into your home. The bugs will die and their scent trail will be covered. This will prevent more of them from coming in.

Make Your Own Bait

Instead of spending money on traps, combine some baking soda and sugar in a container and put it near the bugs. They will start to feed on the mixture and bring it back to the nest. It might take a day or two, but the mixture will kill the bugs. If the sugar isn’t working, try something fatty like peanut butter. Using these common household items will help save you money.

Less Water

If you have house plants be careful not to water them too much. Over hydrated soil will attract gnats and they will lay eggs right in the plant. If you notice them allow your soil to dry out before you water them again. This will kill any larva in the soil and prevent new gnats from developing. Avoid gnats from the start by making sure your plants have proper drainage.

Homemade Traps

Cut a soda bottle in half and flip the top half to make a funnel. Pour some apple cider vinegar to catch gnats or fruit flies. Use honey to catch larger bugs like wasps. These are easy to make and portable. You can use different size bottles and place them in multiple rooms if you need to.

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