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Tips for Longer Lasting Groceries

One of the most important parts of anyone’s budget is food. People usually set aside a specific amount and day to go grocery shopping. Use these tips save time, money, and help those groceries last.

Cheese and Sugar

Whether it’s used for a sandwich, a topping, or as snack, cheese is very popular. The problem is that cheese can become moldy or dried out. Throwing away all that cheese is like throwing away the money you spent on it. Sealing your cheese in a container along with some sugar cubes will help keep it fresh. Longer lasting cheese means more snacks and less spending.

Mesh Over Plastic

When you’re storing your produce it’s important to make sure they stay dry. Plastic bags or containers will trap moisture and your food will spoil much faster if you don’t leave them open. Mesh bags will allow air circulation, keeping your produce dry and fresh longer. Click here to learn more!

Stay Away from the Sun

Putting some fruit in a bowl on the windowsill might look pretty, but they will spoil fast. The heat from the sun will make the fruit ripen faster and before long you’ll be throwing it all out. Paper bags are a great way to keep certain fruit from spoiling too fast.

Keep Leftovers Airtight

Glass containers are the best way to store your leftovers. With their airtight lids, your leftovers will keep for longer. Plastic containers could contain chemicals that transfer into your food, so using glass avoids that as well.

Groceries that last longer will definitely help you save money. It’s also important to have a good savings plan in place as a financial cushion for your non-discretionary spending. Click here to discover a variety of options available to you at SeaComm, including regular savingsmoney market accounts, certificates, and more. Need assistance? Call us at (800) 764-0566 or stop by your nearest SeaComm branch location – our goal is to help you reach yours!       


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