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The Benefits of a Frugal Lifestyle


We all know that money cannot buy happiness. Many people overspend in order to live a lifestyle they believe will make them happy, only to discover they are living beyond their means. Living frugally can actually make you happier than living lavishly! Here are the benefits of a frugal lifestyle:



You will learn to appreciate what you have. You will become thankful for your resources and learn to make the most of them. Rather than throwing away old items, you learn to re-purpose them and let little go to waste.



You will tend to choose experiences over objects. Rather than going to the mall and purchasing a new outfit or the newest video games, you are more likely to go for a hike, to the beach or spend time with friends and family. These experiences provide memories and happiness that can last a lifetime. Conversely, that new outfit or video game will provide only temporary happiness.



You will have more leisure time. Once you are able to pay down debt, you won’t need to work as many hours to make ends meet. This will give you more free time to spend on hobbies and other leisurely pursuits.



Living frugally may put you on the path to early retirement. Rather than spending your golden years working, you could be gardening, traveling, creating memories with your grandchildren or any number of more pleasurable things. Being able to put more funds away for retirement will help you reach a financially comfortable level long before many of your colleagues.



You might find joy in helping others. By reducing your own expenses and saving money, you are able to give more to others and support social causes that are important to you.


living frugally

You may be thinking the frugal lifestyle doesn’t sound all that bad, but how do you get started? The key is to start small. Make a list of what you would like to accomplish, how much money you will need to achieve it, and formulate a plan. Figure out expenses you can live without. For example, instead of buying high-priced gourmet coffee at a drive-thru in the morning, brew your coffee at home. Brown bag your lunch rather than eating out. Make a weekly meal plan and cook your meals at home. These items alone can potentially save you hundreds of dollars a month.

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