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Four Ways to Spend Less Time on Your Phone

You may not think you’re addicted to your phone, but they were created to keep us completely absorbed and captivated. In fact, average American adults check their phone every 12 minutes, spending more than 4 hours on their phone daily. We’ve gathered four ways to help you break away from your mobile device…continue reading to get started!

1. Use apps to track the time you spend on your phone 

Ironically, the best way to wean yourself off your phone is to use an app. Download Checky or Freedom to see how much time you actually spend on your phone. You might be shocked by the number of hours you actually spend scrolling through your device. Once you have this information in hand, use it to set restrictions on how you spend time on your phone.

2. Socialize without it

Being busy with your phone when you’re out with friends or family is like telling them you would rather be somewhere else. Keep your phone out of sight when you’re spending time with loved ones. You might discover that socializing in real life beats what you can do on-screen.

3. Ban it from your bedroom

Co-sleeping with your phone can affect the quality of your sleep and keep you up a lot later than you would like. The bright screen also affects your melatonin production, making it difficult for you to drift off or fall back to sleep if you have woken up mid-dream. The endless distraction your phone provides can also keep you up for hours, and you will pay the price the next day when you are trying to focus through half-lidded eyes. Don’t be dependent on your phone’s alarm to pull you out of bed in the morning either. Instead, invest in a good old-fashioned alarm clock. It will do the job just fine.

4. Delete the social media apps that occupy your time

If smartphones are the ultimate time-waster, it’s social media that takes the blame for making them so absorbing. Waiting for our likes and follows can be addictive and give a false impression that we are actually connecting meaningfully.

You don’t have to give up social media entirely. But if you limit your time spent on social media to when you’re sitting in front of a computer, you’ll drastically cut down on the hours you waste on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Also, you won’t be picking up your phone every few minutes to check for the latest updates.

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