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Deposit Checks From Your Phone With Mobile Deposit Capture

mobile deposit capture

Are you unable to deposit your check in-person? As a SeaComm member, you can deposit checks right from your web-enabled smart phone or mobile device! Continue reading to learn more about SeaComm’s Mobile Deposit Capture feature…


As a SeaComm member, you’re able to easily access Mobile Deposit Capture directly through your Mobile Branch account. Not set up yet? Click here to get started!


What is Mobile Deposit Capture?

mobile deposit

It’s convenient. You’re no longer restricted to regular business hours. As mentioned, you can now make your deposit anywhere, and at any time. Simply access your Mobile Branch app, select the Mobile Deposit Capture button on your home screen, and follow the on-screen options to deposit your check!


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It’s easy to use. Your check will normally clear more quickly through a mobile deposit than it will through an ATM deposit. You will also receive an instant confirmation that your check has been deposited!




It’s secure. If you’re concerned about sending a personal check through the airwaves, you can rest easy. Your safety is always SeaComm’s priority, and we take multiple precautions for ensuring your personal and financial information is protected throughout the Mobile Deposit Capture process. Our mobile app does not store your check images in your phone. As soon as your check has been submitted, the image will be erased from your phone and stored only in our own software!

If you haven’t already done so, try SeaComm’s Mobile Deposit Capture. It’s convenient. It’s easy to use. And it’s secure. Click here to get started with this free, convenient service!

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