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Five Facts About Veterans Day

Tomorrow is Veterans Day, and it has a lot of history that might not be well know. Here are a few facts about this special day.

Not the Original Name

Veterans Day is an occasion where we honor all soldiers who have served our country, but it was originally a day to honor those who served in World War I. It was called Armistice Day, commemorating the anniversary of the end of what was called “The Great War.” It wasn’t until 1954 that the day was legally changed to Veterans Day, when Congress passed a bill establishing the holiday and President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the bill into law.

It’s an International Holiday

America isn’t the only country honoring their Veterans. Countries like Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand have what they call Remembrance Day. This holiday also evolved from the original Armistice Day. Services are held that honor the fallen of each country and moments of silence are taken. Though it more resembles Memorial Day in the United States, it is still a day where soldiers are honored.

There is Always a Theme

This year, the Veterans Day National Committee has chosen “service” as the theme for this year. The committee publishes an annual poster, chosen from an array of designs by artists all over the country. If you would like to see this year’s poster and read more about the day, click here.

The First Parade

A parade on Veterans Day is always a great sight. Filling the streets to honor our veterans and showing appreciation for their sacrifice didn’t officially start until the 1940s. The first Veterans Day parade happened while the name was still Armistice Day. It was organized by World War II veteran, Raymond Weeks, in Birmingham, Alabama in 1947.

There is a Canine Veterans Day

Dogs have a rich history of military service. For centuries, many different countries trained dogs alongside humans. Many have retired with their owners and are trained as service or police dogs after being discharged from the military. The U.S. Army began training dogs for the official K-9 corps on March 13, 1942. Now each March 13, military dogs are celebrated.

On Veterans Day and throughout the year, it is important to give back. At SeaComm, we are focused on making our communities a better place to live by carrying out the credit union philosophy, “People Helping People.” Click here to learn about our most recent donations and acts of kindness!   


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