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Three Great Thanksgiving Traditions

Cooking a big meal, having the family over, and watching football are all great Thanksgiving Day traditions, but they’re not the only ones. Here are a few other activities that families and friends do on Thanksgiving.

Watch the Dog Show

The big parade and football aren’t the only things people watch on Thanksgiving. Families all across the country tune in to the National Dog Show each year. The competition is fierce as different breeds are judged in multiple categories. You can watch the dog show with your own pooch and see them react to the other dogs on screen. Maybe they’ll get some inspiration and start doing their own tricks.

Play a Game of Thanks

Having a big meal and watching television are common traditions, but why not switch it up and introduce a game to your get together? You could go around the room and ask what everyone is thankful for, or have everyone write down something they’re thankful for, collect the pieces of paper and read them anonymously. Try guessing who wrote which, or vote for everyone’s favorite.

Pot Luck with a Twist

One of the best ways to have a Thanksgiving party and save some money is by hosting a pot luck. Change things up a bit and instead of just bringing food, your guests can also bring the recipe of the dish they brought. This way you can exchange recipes or create a cookbook for that year. How many times have you asked for a recipe you really enjoyed from a friend? This way, you’ll have them all.

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