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Four Cool Things You Can Do With a Library Card

Many people have had a library card since childhood and used it to check out books. However, there are other things your library card is good for, and here are some examples.

Check Out a Museum

A library card is great for expanding your knowledge with books, but it can also get you into a museum for free! Contact your local library and ask if any museums in the area allow card holders free admission. You can also reach out to your favorite museum. Your library card can help you to create a day of fun with friends and family.

Career Assistance

There are many libraries that offer assistance for those looking for employment. Your library card gives you access to these services. Over 90 percent of libraries offer online job and employment resources. Many libraries also offer training where you can learn things like coding, Photoshop, and other tech related programs and skills. If you need help with your resume or tips for job interviews, your local library is a great resource, and all you need is a card.

Learn a Language

Whether you’re traveling to a foreign country and want to learn some phrases, or you just enjoy the challenge of learning a new language, your library card could help you. Mango is a language-learning software you can find for free in thousands of libraries across the country. Just set up a free account and you can see if your library offers the service. They even offer K-12 language classes. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be expensive, and with a library card, it could be free!

Free Movies

If you usually use streaming services, you know your favorite movie might not be available. Head to your local library where you can rent movies for free with a library card. Check out the entertainment section where you’ll find DVDs and Blu-Rays. This is also a way to show your children what it was like back in the dark ages of video rentals, without the cost.

Speaking of children, if you want them to get a leg up on education, bring them to a library. If you want your children to have a better financial future, consider opening a Moola Moola Youth Account at your local SeaComm branch! Your child will have online access to their accounts through NetTeller™, receive quarterly statements, and earn dividends on their money. Click here to learn more, or stop by your nearest SeaComm location.


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