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Four Cheap and Easy Potato Recipes

September is National Potato Month. In order to celebrate this popular item, here are four potato recipes that are easy to do, and don’t cost much to make.

Apple and Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are great on their own, but adding a few simple ingredients can really elevate this humble food. First step is to bake your sweet potato in an oven at 350°F for around 45 minutes. While the potato is in the oven, chop up a few strips of bacon and start frying them in a pan. Drain a little of the fat and add your favorite apple, chopped in pieces. Cook the apple until soft. Once the filling is done, set aside until the potato comes out of the oven. Slice your potato down the middle, stuff it with the apple and bacon mixture, and enjoy!

Potato Hash

This simple, yet delicious dish is typically served with breakfast, but you can enjoy it with any meal. It is a one pan recipe and you start with frying chopped potatoes, onions, and peppers. If you’re not a fan of onions and peppers, you can choose any vegetable you like, as long as you chop them up. If you want to bulk up the dish, you can add different meats, like sausage, bacon, chicken, or steak. Make sure to season your food before and while cooking. After its done cooking, serve your hash as a side with some eggs at breakfast, or as a dinner side as well.

Pumpkin Potato Soup

Fall is getting closer, it’s getting cooler, and pumpkins are all around. So why not keep warm with this hearty pumpkin potato soup. This simple dish will really impress your friends and family if you’re hosting any events. You’ll need pumpkin, potatoes, and a few different spices to get it just right. For the complete recipe click here, and surprise everyone with this fantastic soup on a cool fall day.

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

One of the best things you can pair potatoes with is cheese, and if you love cheese, you’ll really enjoy this recipe. You have to make sure your potatoes are sliced very thin for this dish to work. Typically you would use cheddar cheese, but if you want to change that to a cheese you like more, go for it! You’re basically making layers of potato, cheese, and sauce, which actually sounds pretty delicious. You can make this dish ahead of time and refrigerate. It will stay good for up to three days.

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