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Purchase These Items at Discount Stores

If you’re on a budget, discount stores are where you probably look to shop, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, here are some items that will last just as long as the name brand version, you can purchase at a discount.

Picture Frames

Whether you like to hang photographs or art, picture frames are a must. They can be very pricey depending on where you look. If the picture you want to display is a typical size, you can find perfectly good frames at discount retailers, and they will last. There is no need to spend more than you have to when you want to decorate you space with lasting memories.

Office Supplies

Discount stores offer a variety of office items like tape, writing utensils and containers, paper clips, and paper. If you’ve run out of staples or need to replace some scissors, you can save money by avoiding the usual stores and go discount. You will also find things like organizers for your desk to store documents. The supplies are just as good, and at a lower price.

Phone Cases

Smartphones have become an essential part of life. At both work and home, you’ll find everyone on their phones. They need to be protected, but you don’t have to buy name brand to do so. Search around your local discount store to find phone cases that are a lot cheaper in price, but still get the job done. Keep your phone safe without spending too much.

Clothes Hangers

Buying new clothes can be fun, until you get home and realize you don’t have any more hangers. You will find a wide variety of clothes hangers at discount stores. You can even get velvet hangers, which are better for your clothes. Stock up on enough hangers so the next time you go shopping for something new, you’ll be able to hang it up.

When you are shopping, you can rely on your SeaComm Visa® Platinum, which enables you to earn points and cash back with every dollar spent! You can redeem your points for cashback, or use them to purchase quality merchandise at

For added convenience, ScoreCard® Rewards offers Premium Payback, which allows you to redeem your points right at the point of sale, virtually anywhere. Just make a qualifying purchase at a participating retailer and you will promptly receive a text message or email asking if you want to redeem your points to cover your purchase. If you choose to accept the offer, you will receive a statement credit to your account for the transaction amount. Click here to get started!


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