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Three Things to Never Throw in the Trash

There are certain things you should never put in the trash. They might be hazardous to the environment, or to humans. Think twice before you throw these items in your garbage.

Prescription Drugs

Throwing away prescription drugs that aren’t used or expired isn’t a big deal, right? You would be wrong about that. Drugs that end up in the trash could find their way to drinking water supplies. Some can be flushed, but only if their listed by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you need to get rid of prescription drugs, find your local drug take-back program.  


When your TV remote dies, avoid tossing those batteries. Household batteries, car batteries, and rechargeable batteries all contain metals that could be toxic. Disposing them improperly can endanger public health. Batteries should be sent to a hazardous materials recycling facility.

Oil-based Paints

There are different types of paints you can use. Some are latex, or water-based, and some are oil-based. The latex paints can usually be thrown away, but the oil-based ones need special handling. These paints contain toxins that can be very harmful to the environment. These materials, which also include paint thinners, should also be taken to a special facility to be disposed of.

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