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Three Unusual Items to Clean in Your Dishwasher

Dishes and silverware aren’t the only things that can go through your dishwasher. Here are a few things to put in the dishwasher instead of cleaning by hand.

Oven Mitts

Sometimes handling hot food can get messy, and your oven mitts end up covered in grease, chocolate, or even gravy. Scrubbing with your hands might not get everything or be too difficult and time consuming. The dishwasher will take care of tougher bits of grime on your mitts and have them looking like new.

Microwave Turntable

Cleaning your microwave can be a hassle, and something you don’t necessarily think to do. The small space is difficult to maneuver and there might be a lot to clean up. If you plan on cleaning your microwave, take out the turntable and wash it in the dishwasher. They’re typically glass and round, so they will fit perfectly, and that leaves one less part of the microwave to clean.

Hairbrushes and Accessories

This is a great hack for keeping your hairbrushes clean and maintained. Make sure you remove any excess hair, then place your brushes on the top rack or the silverware holder. The dishwasher is perfect for barrettes and ponytail holders too. It’s important to secure smaller accessories, but they also make dishwasher baskets for just that purpose.

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