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Retirement Party Ideas

One of the biggest milestones in life is retirement, and it deserves to be celebrated. Here are a few ideas to make a great retirement party.

Mix Up the Guest List

Family isn’t the only group of people appropriate for a retirement party. Friends from work, and outside of work are great to invite as well. By mixing up the guests, you’ll create a room full of people who know different sides of the retiree, and they’ll get an opportunity to celebrate with everyone. Surprise the guest of honor with some friends or family from their past to make it an extra special party.

Choose the Right Music

Every party needs the appropriate music. Think about the retiree’s favorite artists from their entire life. Creating a playlist spanning their career and getting people up and dancing would be a lot of fun. Throw in some songs about retirement and you’ve got a great mix for a retirement party.

Get Video Messages

Sometimes it’s hard to get everyone to a party who wants to be there. There might be family and friends who can’t make it but would love to send their love and congratulations. Have them make a video message for the retiree and send it to you. Compile all of the videos and play them at the party. Seeing messages from all over the country, or world, from people who love and respect the retiree will add something memorable to the occasion.

Set Up Speeches

If you’re the one throwing the party, you’ll probably give a speech, but you don’t have to be the only one. Asking people from different parts of the retiree’s career to speak would help paint a great picture of their journey, from first day on the job, to retirement. You can even go as far back as their first job, and if you don’t find anyone who worked with them, ask a relative who knew them at that point. Hearing from the guest of honor would be a nice touch too.

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