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Easy DIY Weed Killers

If you’ve been outside mowing your lawn this summer, you may have noticed some weeds growing on your property. If you want to get rid of those pesky plants, here are some common items you can turn into weed killer.

Lemon Juice

The citric acid in lemon juice is a weed killer. You can spray it right on to the weeds you’re looking to get rid of. The acid dries the weeds from the inside out. If you mix lemon juice with vinegar, you will get a stronger combination. Wear a protective eye covering, like goggles, because the juice can irritate your eyes. It is safe for your soil as well.

Dish Soap

When you want to break down grease, dish soap is perfect, but the chemicals within can also damage the outer layer of plants. This will leave weeds susceptible to dry air, pests, and heat. Many dish soaps also have ingredients that are toxic to plant life. Mix with water, salt, and vinegar to create a durable weed killer.

Rubbing Alcohol

The higher the concentration, the more damage rubbing alcohol will do to weeds. If it’s over 50%, it will dissolve the outer layer, which will cause enough water loss to dry the weed out. It is biodegradable, and won’t damage the soil in small amounts. For safety, wear a mask when working with rubbing alcohol, because the fumes can irritate your nose and throat. Skin contact could lead to itchiness, so be sure to wash afterwards as well.

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