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Four Things You Shouldn’t Do While Flying

Flying is one of the most popular ways to travel. If you’ve ever flown you know there are definitely things you should never do while on a plane. Avoid these rude behaviors while flying.

Boarding Out of Turn

There is a process to getting on a plane. Certain ticket holders board before others. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances which allow passengers to board, so if you’re not called, wait your turn. You will eventually get on the plane, and you’ll have your overhead compartment space. Preventing others from getting on the plane, or cutting in line could cause a problem and prevent the flight from leaving on time.

Bother Your Neighbor

It is perfectly acceptable to have conversations with the people in your row. However, if you notice that they don’t want to talk, leave them be. Some people have severe anxiety on planes, or just want to sleep and be left alone. Make sure you gauge your neighbor’s mood before you launch into a conversation that could take the entire flight.

Wear Too Much Cologne or Perfume

If you usually spritz yourself with a fragrance in the morning, hold off if you plan to fly that day. Plane seats are very close quarters, and even the slightest scent can be overbearing. Remember, you’re going to be on this flight for at least a couple hours, so keep the spray away, and just clean up a bit before your trip.

Kick the Seat in Front of You

This one is usually reserved for children, but it’s important to go over. Nearly sixty percent of travelers say this is the most annoying thing on a flight. If you’re flying with your children, let them know that this is not acceptable. Never kick the seat in front of you.

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