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Three Household Items to Use as Decoration

If you’re looking to decorate your home, but you’re on a budget, take a look around. You might be able to use things you already own to spruce up your place. Here are three items you can use as home décor.

Old Sweaters

Clearing out your wardrobe is something everyone needs to do at some point. You can use some of those clothes to create a new look in your home. Using sweaters, you can create a pillow cover. Instead of tossing your favorite sweater because it’s worn or damaged, follow these easy instructions and recycle it. You will still be able to enjoy the feeling of the sweater, and upgrade your couch or bed.

Mason Jars

When you’re on a budget and you want to decorate, mason jars can be the perfect choice. They aren’t just for storage, they can bright up a room with the right added touch. Paint the mason jars any color that will match your room and fill them with whatever you like. Flowers are a great choice, or use them to hold remotes, writing utensils, or even candy.

Wine Corks

A great items for DIY decorations are wine corks. They’re light, small, and easy to work with. One popular decoration idea is a cork ball. All you need to do is purchase Styrofoam balls and paint them the color of your choice. Once the paint is dry, glue the corks all over the balls to create a cool design. Place them around the house and watch the conversations start. If you have children, this can be a fun project to do together. You can paint the corks as well to create more elaborate décor.

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