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Three Items to De-Clutter Your Closet

Closets can get messy and unorganized. If you want to clean your closet space and make more room, these items can be of great help.

Pants Hanger

Depending on how many pairs of pants you own, hanging them on individual hangers can take up a lot of space. If you purchase pants hangers you will create much more room. There are hangers that can hold five pairs of pants on one hook. These hangers are also great for ties, and towels. The more you can put on one hanger, the more space you’ll free up.

Cascading Hooks

Keeping with the idea of hanging more than one item on a single hook, the ability to hang clothes vertically is a great way to organize. Cascading hooks easily attaches to most types of hangers and allow you to hang your shirts in one spot, clearing the rest of your closet for other items.

Door Hook Rack

The bars in your closet aren’t the only spot to hang clothes, you can use your door too. Most racks fit over the top of your door and come with multiple hooks. These are great for hats, belts, and smaller items that might get lost in a messy closet. Hook racks are also a good spot to organize your outfits for the next day. The night before, hang everything you’re wearing in the rack so you’re ready to go.

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