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Best Summer Jobs for Teens

School has been out for a little while now, and instead of lounging around, maybe you want your child to get a job and learn some responsibility. Here are a few summer jobs that are great for your teenager.

Fast Food Restaurant

With the high turnover rate, fast food restaurants are a great opportunity for a summer job. If your child is interested in the food world, these places are a great start. Many successful chefs started out flipping burgers and serving milkshakes.


Even though there are more self-checkout lines than ever, supermarkets still need a lot of staff. Some shoppers prefer to go to a line with a cashier. Other customers like to shop online beforehand, which means supermarkets also need staff to pick out the items that were ordered. Stocking shelves and customer services are also important jobs that can teach good life skills and instill a great work ethic.

Music Tutor

If your child loves to sing or play a musical instrument, they could share that love and pass it on to children who want to learn. Experts say that teaching brings a whole new understanding and makes great musicians even better. If music is a passion, and they want it to be a part of their future, being a music tutor would look great on a college resume.

Saving the money they earn will help your child in the future, and giving them their own account can be an excellent way to teach them how to manage their own money. This first account opened and managed under your watch will help them transition easily into truly handling their own money as financially independent adults. 

With a SeaComm Moola Moola or Boom Account, your child will receive quarterly statements, have online access to their account, and even earn dividends on balances over $5. This exposure to finance will help to prepare them for money management throughout adulthood. Click here to get started!


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