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Four Things Frugal People Avoid Buying

If saving money is your goal and you want to live more frugally, here are a few things you should avoid spending money on.


If you are an avid reader, but you don’t want to spend money on books, head to the library. Getting a library card won’t cost you anything, and some libraries even offer digital options. Stop in to your local library, get a card, and enjoy all the books you want!

Lottery Tickets

The odds of winning the big jackpot are never in your favor. In fact, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning all that money. Scratch tickets are the same. You might win a few dollars here and there, but the odds of you becoming a millionaire are so slim, you’re better off saving your money for necessities.

Brand Name Food

Buying a brand name product doesn’t automatically equal quality. In fact, you can get a similar quality item from the store brand. Whether its pasta, breakfast cereal, or canned goods, you don’t need to go after the name you recognize, because that’s really all you’re paying for, the name.

Items at Checkout

This is how many stores really get you. There are so many different things you can grab at the cash register, like candy, mints, beverages, and all the gossip magazines. This is where people switch up “wants” and “needs.” Impulse items will unnecessarily increase your bill, so stay away.

Now that you’ll have some extra money, keep it in a safe place that will help it grow.  Click here to discover the variety of options available to you at SeaComm. This includes regular savingsmoney market accounts, certificates, and more. Need assistance? Call us at (800) 764-0566 or stop by your nearest SeaComm branch location – our goal is to help you reach yours!  


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