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Four Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

It may not have the best smell, but it has so many applications. Rubbing alcohol is used in hospitals and doctor’s offices, but it can also be of great use inside your home. Here are just a few examples of how you can use rubbing alcohol.

Hand Sanitizer

Making your own hand sanitizer will save you money, and you can customize it. Mix rubbing alcohol with aloe vera gel, and fragrance of your choice. Many people have become more aware of viruses in the past few years, and having your own hand sanitizer at home might be a welcome sight for those who wish to use some.

Sticker Removal

If you have children who love stickers, rubbing alcohol could be your best friend. If your children enjoy putting stickers on everything, at some point you might need to remove some of them. That is where the rubbing alcohol comes in handy. Just cover the sticker with the alcohol and let it soak for a few minutes, and wipe away.

Mosquito Bites

Now that the weather is getting much warmer, the mosquitoes will be out. When they bite, they leave an itchy bump that you want to scratch, but shouldn’t. Put some rubbing alcohol on the bite to lessen the itch. The alcohol reacts with the mosquito saliva and will reduce the reaction.


Rubbing alcohol, when applied to surfaces, disinfects really well. Whether at home, or at work, if you need to quickly clean something, reach for the rubbing alcohol. Experts say you should use at least a 70% solution to be affective. For spills, allergens, or just being cautious, rubbing alcohol will clean and prevent germs from spreading.

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