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Three Inexpensive Ways to Stay Cool

As the days get hotter you’re going to want to find ways to cool down. If you want to save money on your heating bills, here are a few ways to cool down without opening your wallet.


If you don’t want to cool your own home, find a family member or friend who is going on vacation and watch their house. They also might need their pet watched while they’re away. You may even get a little cash for your time. If no one you know needs their house or pets looked after, you can try to find a housesitting job here.

Enjoy a Museum

Taking a trip to a museum isn’t just a fun and educational outing, it can also cool you down. Many museums offer inexpensive or even free admission, which means you’ll get a great experience, and a chance to get out of the heat, without a major cost. Whether its art, science, or history, there are museums that can peak everyone’s interests, the air conditioning is just a plus. Click here to find a museum that’s right for you.


Drink plenty of water, because when you’re dehydrated, heat is stored in your body. As the temperatures rise, your body naturally reacts by producing sweat. In order to replace the fluids you lose you’ve got to keep hydrated. Drinking water also helps regulate your body temperature. Heat-related emergencies, like heat stroke, can be avoided by making sure you are constantly hydrating.

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