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Four Things Cheaper to Repair Than Replace

If something in your home is broken your first instinct might be to replace it. However, depending on the item, you could save money by repairing it instead of replacing it. Here are four things you should repair to save money.


If you have screens on your doors or windows they will probably rip or tear eventually. Repairing window and door screens isn’t difficult or expensive. Your local hardware store will have a kit to patch up a tear or put in a new mesh screen into the frame. No need to spend money on a new screen when you can fix the one you have for less cash.

Power Tools

DIY projects can be a lot of fun and save you money in the long run, but the tools you use can break down and stop working. Those tools can be very expensive, so before you decide to purchase a new one, make sure the old one can’t be fixed. It could be as simple as a brush or a belt within the tool that needs replacing, and that will be much less expensive than buying a brand new drill or saw. Disconnect the tool from its power source and examine it. Your wallet will thank you.


There is no need to panic if you’ve found a hole in your jeans or good work shirt. You can repair your clothes without a sewing machine, or the skills of a fashion designer. If you can stitch and iron, you can repair almost any little tear. When you can fix a perfectly good pair of pants, there is no reason to spend money on new ones.

Stuffed Animals

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal they can’t fall asleep without, they will be devastated if you throw it away. Finding an identical toy to the one what was damaged might be difficult as well. Fixing up their stuffed animal is quick and easy. Sew on a new nose or pair of eyes, and patch up that hole after you add some stuffing.

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