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Three Tips if You’re Stuck at the Airport

Flights are delayed or canceled all the time, especially when the weather is rough. Follow these tips to avoid the frustration and cost of being stranded at the airport.

Pack a Carry-on Bag

One of the worst things about being stuck at the airport is boredom. Pack things in your carry-on to help pass the time. A few books or magazines will do the trick. This way you won’t have to purchase any in the airport. Make sure to have your phone charger handy as well. Most of us use our phones for entertainment, so it would be unfortunate for yours to lose power. A sweater or hoodie is also a useful item to have. If you don’t wear it, you can take a nap using it as a pillow.

Tweet Away

If you are on Twitter, use it to its full potential. Delays and cancelations can be hectic and it can be difficult dealing with an airline if there are a bunch of people trying to call or ask questions in person. Tag the airline in a post and see if they respond. Representatives from airlines actually suggest this method, especially now, when social media is such a strong tool for communication.

Get Your Refund

Something that airlines won’t always mention is your mandatory refund. The airline is required to refund your money if you ask for it. They might offer a travel voucher, or ask you to wait a bit and see if the delay ends, but you don’t have to wait. If your flight has been significantly delayed or cancelled, and you want a refund, you’ll get it. Even people who fly all the time don’t know the rules airlines have to follow. For other rules for flights and airlines, click here.

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