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Four Things You Should Never Do While Grocery Shopping

Believe it or not, there is a certain level of etiquette when it comes to the grocery store. If you’ve ever been out shopping and seen people that make you roll your eyes or frustrate you, they’re probably doing one of these things.

Leaving Your Cart

There is usually plenty of room in store aisles, as long as people keep moving. Even stopping for a second to grab something on your list if fine. The problem starts when people leave their cart in one section because they see something in another section they must have. Now their cart is blocking other customers and leaving a lot less room in the aisle. Wherever you wander, take your cart with you.

Too Much Squeezing

Something our grandmothers used to do was squeeze the loaves of bread to find the best. If you still do this, be gentle. The last thing people want is a loaf of bread or some hot dog buns that look like they’ve been sat on. The same goes for produce, like avocados. It makes sense if you want to find one with the right feel, just don’t crush it and leave it for someone else.

Leaving a Mess

Accidents happen all the time, especially if you’re shopping with children. Jars break, liquids spill, and the staff has to clean it up. The problem is not having to clean it up, the problem comes when the mess is left there without telling anyone. If you or your children accidentally make a mess, please let the staff know so they can take care of it.

Mistreating Employees

Empathy and patience go a long way, not just at the grocery store, but in life as well. You might be in a rush, you might have seen a sale sticker and the item was rung up incorrectly, or your items might not be bagged as quickly as you want. Take a deep breath and remember. The staff at your grocery store are doing their jobs as best as they can, and even if they’re not, they’re human beings. Put yourself in their shoes, maybe they’re not having the best day either. Be kind, give courtesy, and maybe it will brighten everyone’s day.

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