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Four Worthwhile and Inexpensive Purchases

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good reason to buy something you’re not sure is worth the price. You may find and item you want, but then ask yourself if you really need it. Here are four purchases that you won’t regret making.

Weighted Blanket

If you have trouble sleeping, a heavy blanket would be a great purchase. These blankets weigh anywhere from 10-20 pounds and help prevent tossing and turning. The weight helps calm the individual using it, allowing for a much improved sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep will positively impact your quality of life.    

Password Manager

So many services require passwords. If you stream movies or TV shows, you’ve got a password. When you shop online you have to sign in. With all of the things you do on your phone or laptop it may be more convenient to use the same password for multiple services, but that can be dangerous. A password manager will not only come up with a strong password, but save the login for you. Having different passwords for all of the sites you use will make it more difficult to be scammed by hackers. A password manager will allow you to create really strong passwords without having to remember them.


You might have a large collection of books that you really enjoy reading, but they also probably take up a lot of space. Having an e-reader allows you to get even more books without causing any clutter. Many e-readers also get access to free books, which will save you a lot of money. Take your e-reader on vacation with you and instead of choosing one or two books to bring you’ll have an entire library at your fingertips. It’s also a great purchase if you have children. Introduce them to the books you loved as a child in a format they are familiar with.


Riding a bicycle has many benefits for children, and for adults as well. You get exercise, transportation, and outdoor activity. If your area permits it, ride your bike to work and save on gas. You will also save on insurance and DMV fees. A daily bike ride will also improve your health and fitness. Buying a bike and using it regularly will improve your life.

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