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What to Buy and What to Skip in March

March is a not a busy time for shopping because there are no major sales or gift giving holidays. There are, however, a few things you can pick up at better prices than the rest of the year, and some things you should definitely avoid.

Buy: Luggage

Spring break is coming soon, and summer is only a few months away. Retail stores will start bringing out new styles of luggage for the summer season, which means you can grab last year’s suitcases for a lot cheaper. If you’re looking to replace your old luggage or looking to get some for the family, now is the time. Click here for the best brands to look for.

Skip: Large Appliances

Spring is a very popular time for cleaning and home improvements. However, you should wait a few months before replacing any major appliances. Whether it’s something in your kitchen, or your washer and dryer, appliances will still be at full price right now. The next big sales event for these items will be Memorial Day. If you can hold off until then you will save a lot of money.

Buy: Frozen Food

Fill up your freezer because March is National Frozen Food Month. Grocery stores will be offering big deals on a variety of items in the frozen food aisle. Grab your frozen meals or make sure you have plenty of fruits and vegetables for meal prep. And with the warmer months on the way, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on some ice cream while the prices are so low.

Skip: TVs

The big TV and home entertainment sales have ended. March is the time where these item return to full price, but there will be sales in the future. The mid-summer “Black Friday in July” sales are a great time to find TVs at discounted prices, and the actual Black Friday after Thanksgiving might be the best. Don’t worry, if you missed the last sale, there will be another.

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