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How to Work More Efficiently

If you’ve ever felt like you work very hard, but don’t get a lot done, you’re not alone. Here are four tips to work smarter, not harder, and know you’re getting things done.

Schedule Your Tasks

Focusing on one task at a time will help you complete more during the day. Instead of doing more than one thing at a time, focus on a single task. Block out time for each task you need to complete. For example, one of the most difficult work issues is the need to answer emails the minute they arrive. Schedule a time during the day to go through your inbox so other tasks won’t be interrupted.

Use the 20 20 20 Rule

Breaks are important during the day to keep you refreshed, and if you work in front of a computer, your eyes will thank you. Eye strain is a very real thing. It can cause headaches, double vision, and fatigue. One way to combat eye strain is the 20 20 20 rule. Every 20 minutes find a point 20 feet away and look at it for 20 seconds. This will help reset your eyes and your brain. This, along with getting up and walking around, will allow you to get more quality work done.

Silence Social Media

Unless your job involves social media, you should turn off notifications during the day. And even if your job involves Facebook or Twitter, turn off your personal accounts. Notifications can be a big distraction at work. Concentrations is very important during work hours, so focus on what you need to do and keep the social media use for your break.

It’s Okay to Say No

You have to prioritize your day. Taking on more work than necessary can hinder your more important tasks. You might enjoy helping others and being supportive at work, but you need to focus on your job too. If you have time and can help out, great! However, if you are doing something that is a priority, your work comes first.

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