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Three Quick and Easy Super Bowl Snacks

The big game is this Sunday, and whether you’re having a big party or just watching the game with one or two others, you need snacks. Here are three quick and easy snack ideas that will make everyone happy, even the losing team.

Sheet Pan Nachos

An ordinary plate of nachos will not be good enough for your football experience. You will need an entire baking sheet for this delicious snack. Layer the whole pan with tortilla chips and then, get creative. There are so many toppings you can add. Cheese, of course, but also a variety of meats and jalapeno peppers. Grab some sour cream, guacamole, and salsa on the side and you’ve got a game day snack everyone will enjoy!

Pigs in a Blanket

The great thing about these is you only need three ingredients. Buying them and making them will save you money over the pre made pigs in a blanket. Get your choice of hot dogs or sausages, some kind of dough, and cheese, which is optional. Using biscuit or croissant dough is the most popular. You can buy mini frankfurters, or just cut up regular sized ones, wrap them in your dough of choice, and bake until golden brown. Pass them around and enjoy the game!

Garlic Knots

These quick and easy snacks only require a couple steps. Buy some breadstick or pizza dough and tie them into knots. Brush the dough with an egg wash and add some garlic and herbs. Make sure to take a look on the dough’s package to see how long it should bake for. Brushing them with a little butter and olive oil while they bake will also add some great flavor, and you can dip these garlic knots in tomato or cream sauces. They will look fancy, impress your friends, and keep your wallet happy!

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