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Improving Your Savings Strategy

We all want to save and take steps we think will help keep money in our pockets. Sometimes those steps are actually causing you to spend more. Here are four times trying to save is actually more expensive.

Grocery Shopping

When you cook at home you are usually saving money. Going out to dinner can be expensive, but so can groceries depending on what you buy. You don’t need to purchase brand name or high end ingredients to make a delicious meal. Also, take a look around your kitchen or pantry to see what you already have and try to plan meals with those items so you can buy less.

Free Trials Don’t Last

Companies, like subscription services, might offer a free trial, and there’s no reason not to take advantage of one. Just remember they’re called “trials.” They usually last anywhere from one week to 30 days. Once the trial is complete you will start to get charged. You don’t want to forget to cancel so set a reminder for the last day and end it before you have to start paying.


Sales can look great on paper or in the store when you’re shopping, but be careful. You think you’re saving money but you might spend just as much or more, and buy things you don’t really need. Buying something just because there is a deal doesn’t make sense. If it’s on your list and there is a deal, great! But don’t spend money one something you didn’t intend to buy.

DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself)

It might look like you will save money trying to tackle a project yourself, but whether it’s something as simple as decorating your home, or a bigger project, you could be losing money. The more elaborate your project the more you’ll have to spend to fix your mistakes. You might spend more money getting a professional after you do something wrong.   

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