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The 5 Basic Needs on a Budget

Everyone has 5 basic needs. These needs are necessary for a happy, healthy, and productive existence. Here are the needs and how to navigate them on a budget.


We all need food, and you don’t have to break the bank each month to eat well. You can find delicious and cost effective ways to feed you and your family. Meal planning is a great solution. You can make one big meal at the beginning of the week and space it out, or make separate meals each day. By writing down your meal plan ahead of time, you will visualize what you need to buy and see the savings right in front of you. Having set meals each day will prevent extra spending during the week.


It can be difficult to find clothes on a budget, especially if you want new or trendy styles. The first thing you should ask yourself is if you actually need it. Take a look in your closet and see if you have anything that you haven’t worn recently. You might have new clothes you forgot about. Looking for coupons and shopping at the right times can also save you money.


Having a roof over your head is important. Whether you are looking to rent or buy there are plenty of ways to save money. Prices will vary from place to place, so don’t restrict yourself to a small area. If you can, look town by town. Make sure you know your loan options if you’re looking to buy. When you’re ready, applying for a mortgage loan at SeaComm is easy and convenient, with different options to fit your needs! Click here for more information.


Getting from place to place is an absolute necessity. If you live close enough to work where you can walk or bike then you don’t have to budget much for transportation. However, if you have a long distance to travel, you’ll need something quicker. If you are looking for a new vehicle, take advantage of SeaComm’s online auto buying center, GarageGizmo. You can browse new and used vehicles at local dealerships, cmpare vehicles side by side, and even apply for a loan. Click here to get started!  

Health Care

Budgeting for our health doesn’t just mean exercise or food goals, it’s also about medical expenses. Ask around for the best pharmacies and doctors. Know what your insurance covers and any upfront costs for exams and prescriptions. Most importantly, get some sleep. You will be amazed the difference a good night sleep makes for your health. Getting a sufficient amount of sleep can prevent health expenses in the future.   


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