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4 Ways to Avoid Expensive Home Repairs

Home improvements can be expensive, but if you’ve planned ahead they can be budgeted for. Here are 4 ways to avoid those expensive surprises.

Heating and Cooling

When it’s 90+ degrees during summer or in the negative during winter your HVAC system keeps your home comfortable. When your system doesn’t work you don’t just lose your comfort, you’ll have to spend some money to fix it. Be on the lookout for strange smells or noises coming from your vents. The earlier you catch it the better.

Listen to Your Home

If you see something out of the ordinary like wet spots or issues with electricity your home might be telling you it’s time for a checkup. Little issues could lead to bigger problems. Pests can cause a lot of damage and small cracks could become much bigger.

Get a Professional

If you see a problem in your home and you think you know how to fix it ask yourself, “How much would this cost if I make a mistake?” If the answer is more than you’re willing to pay you should probably get a professional to do it. You don’t want to create a bigger problem or cause more damage. If you want to know whether you should do it yourself or hire a professional, click here!

Review Your Home Insurance

Policies will differ depending on many factors. Where you live and the kind of house will determine what will be covered. Take a close look at your home insurance policy to see if filing a claim is worth it. Your insurance could help you out, but it might not. Knowing this will allow you to budget properly in case of an emergency. Learn more about what your home insurance could cover by clicking here.     

It’s important to have a good plan for emergency repairs and having a good savings plan in place can help! Click here to discover a variety of options available to you at SeaComm, including regular savingsmoney market accounts, certificates, and more. Need assistance? Call us at (800) 764-0566 or stop by your nearest SeaComm branch location – our goal is to help you reach yours!


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