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Five Recipes to Warm You Up

There is never a bad time to have good food, but there are some dishes more suited for colder months. Here is a list of five recipes to try during the winter.


On cold winter nights there is just something special about a good stew. It’s hearty and full of great flavor. The longer you let it cook the tastier it gets! You can make stews with just about anything. Whether you use beef, venison, or no meat at all, when you’re cold this winter, make a great stew!


If you enjoy a little spice, cook up a chili for dinner. The great thing about chili is there are so many ways to enjoy it. You can have it in a bowl, mix it with some fries or chips to make nachos, or have some for breakfast with a few eggs. Chili is great no matter what the time of year, but especially in winter.

Chicken Soup

There are many types of soup, but chicken is the most popular. There is just something special about a bowl of chicken soup. Enjoy it when you’re cold to warm up, or when you’re not feeling well. Chicken soup brings back memories from childhood, and will always be one of the best foods to enjoy when it’s cold outside.

Mac and Cheese

When you’re looking for something to eat in the winter you want something filling to warm you up. Look no further than mac and cheese. I’m not talking about the blue box, although that’s great in a hurry. I’m talking about a big baking dish filled with homemade mac and cheese. You can keep it simple or get fancy. Whatever you do, you’re going to enjoy it!


It’s warm, cheesy, and you can make enough to eat for a week! Lasagna is a great dish because you can customize it to your taste! You can use a variety of meats, vegetables, and cheeses. If you want to make a basic lasagna that will be great too! Cook for your family, friends, or just yourself and fill up on this great winter meal.

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